Songwriters Workshop 2018

SOLO workshop participants were divided into small groups, usually no more than three to a group.  Writers met for breakfast each morning and were assigned to writing groups.  Workshop curators and organizers chose these groups.  Groups went to designated writing spaces and collaborated for the day.  In the afternoon, there was a social hour before the participants had dinner together.  After dinner, the groups performed their work for each other to share what songs they were working on and got feedback from the other writers.  At noon on Friday, Workshop organizers selected 10-15 of the top compositions and informed the writers that they were chosen to perform that evening at an event called SOLO Sessions.



SOLO Sessions is an exclusive and intimate peek into the world of the writers and their SOLO journey.

This ticketed "World Premiere" event was set in the intimate Lafayette First United Methodist Church enhancing this unique and never-been-seen experience for the audience. The audience witnessed, first-hand, the fruit of the SOLO workshop's work and gained an inside perspective of the musical creation process, and an opportunity to connect with the “behind the scenes” aspects of songwriting. 

Visit our homepage to listen to some of the songs performed on this spectacular night.


In addition to the artists linked below, the following artists joined the workshop:

  • Travis Meadows

  • Emily Ortego

  • Sara Douga

  • Sean Bruce

  • Alphonse Ardoin

  • Smoov Ras