Kevin Magowan


Kevin Magowan is an Americana Singer-Songwriter-Performing Rocker At Heart.

Kevin was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada (where he got to meet Elvis). At 18 he moved to Los Angeles and worked in the Music business with Music Publishing legend Al Gallico, then for Walt Disney Studios and for Evan M. Greenspan/EMG, INC in Music Clearance and Licensing.

Along the way he performed and wrote songs. In March of 2018 Kevin moved to Columbia, Tennessee to pursue his purpose to connect and contribute with his vast catalog of songs.

In 2011 Kevin petitioned and secured getting Buddy Holly his Hollywood Star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame. He arranged to place the Star on Vine Street next to the members of The Beatles who were so inspired by Buddy, and for the ceremony to take place on Buddy's 75th birthday, September 7th, 2011. He also arranged for this special day to be officially christened Buddy Holly Day in Hollywood. Kevin was also very instrumental in getting "The Apartment Tapes" officially released. 

Kevin is a personal friend of Maria Elena Holly.