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Mark Meaux formed the Bluerunners in 1987, an especially inventive musical era, even by South Louisiana's high standards. Lafayette and the environs were cresting a heady wave of cultural resurgence that began swelling in the late 1970s. They blended Cajun music and Zydeco with a wealth of far-flung contemporary styles to invent a vital new sound that evolved constantly. All genres were fair play for this creative process, and Mark Meaux chose to meld his Cajun roots with punk rock.

In 1991, the Bluerunners leapt from Lafayette, Louisiana into the white-hot glare of the national limelight. Propelled by a seamless (if seemingly unlikely) blend of frenetic cow-punk originals and traditional Cajun music, the Bluerunners' self-titled major label album earned the group rave reviews in rock circles and an important niche in the rich musical history of South Louisiana.

Critics praised the Bluerunners, making favorable comparisons to the likes of The Band and Los Lobos. Years of sporadic touring, five studio albums, and one live CD, the Bluerunners shine radiant once again.

As always, the Bluerunners remain rooted in the Cajun music and Creole Zydeco of their home turf, as well as the gutbucket blues and country that form the musical language of the south.  The edgy punk sensibility of their early years is still evident as well.

Julie Calzone