Princess Shaw

This artist performing exclusively as part of the collective "Songs Over Style" on May 24 8pm at Warehouse 535


Born in Chicago in 1976, Princess Shaw is the stage name for 41 year-old Samantha Montgomery. Samantha moved to New Orleans in 2006, working as a caregiver for the elderly and struggling to make ends meet, when she began fearlessly posting videos online after work and attending open mic nights at local venues.  

Despite her immense talent as a singer and songwriter, Princess Shaw hadn’t been able grow her career beyond a handful of YouTube followers until when her stream a cappella YouTube performances and compelling video confessions were secretly discovered thousands of miles away by musician Kutiman. Thus began the amazing story depicted in Presenting Princess Shaw, taking her on a journey around the world and transforming her into a modern day YouTube sensation.


“the kind of pipes that can knock down buildings” -- Rolling Stone

“a seriously soulful voice reminiscent, in its grainier textures, of Macy Gray’s” -- The New York Times

Rewire "YouTube Star Princess Shaw: ‘My Soul Writes the Song’" "Salon talks to Samantha Montgomery, of the documentary “Presenting Princess Shaw,” about music, life and YouTube"

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