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LOUQUE is Dustan Louque, a musical auteur traversing the country in his ‘87 Westfalia. He is a Louisiana native born in St. James Parish, yet he got his music start in Brooklyn (2001) in his home studio layering sounds and song over beats. His first album "So Long" caught the attention of a major label. He signed with Lava/Atlantic and released his first record having only played a few live shows prior. This relationship lead Louque into 2 years of touring and selling his music to film.

It is often realized that less is more. Louque felt his own less-is-more calling and he separated himself from the fast changing music/major label industry.

Today he travels and performs year round connecting on a more personal level with fans of his music. He performs solo at times, but often plays and travels with classical pianist Margaret Hebert, a native of Lafayette, Louisiana. A shared love of classical and New Wave music has inspired a new collaboration and they recorded their first song "Beneath The Cherie Moon" in 2016. The two recently relocated from New Orleans to Lafayette.

The duo is currently booking East and West Coast tours for later this year. In the spirit of cultivating a more intimate connection through music, they seek unconventional venues such as barns, backyards, living rooms, old churches and beyond. A shared vision and collaboration with fans of LOUQUE’s music is a key part of the experience.

Dustan continues to collaborate with many other musicians from around the country such as Nels Cline, who shared the stage with both he and Hebert at Big Ears Festival in Knoxville, TN and at New Orleans Airlift in 2017. Another key collaborator Josh Werner (Lee Scratch Perry, Cibo Matto) has been working with LOUQUE since his first album, So Long.

To bring LOUQUE to your own backyard and for more info and tour dates, please visit dustanlouque.com.

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